How can we help you?

  • We can work together on a Management Consultancy Contract basis.
  • We can take it up on  Project basis, addressing specific aspirations for you.


Process Refinement

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We believe in Kaizen. Process revision and refinement for super efficient operations.

Franchise Expansion


Whether it is standardizing the business to expand it or operating franchisees through FOCO, we got you covered.

Team Training

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The biggest asset to a restaurant business. Happy team for happy guests.

Menu Reengineering

menu reengineering, restaurant manager, cafe manager, in gujarat, executive chef

Put on the Menu, what your Guests love! (and obviously earns you some bucks)

Brand Repositioning

branding marketing, repositioning, digital marketing, market study , research

Lets stand out of the crowd. Forget your Marketing worries.

Operations Management

Operations management, kitchen management, chef, cook, waiter, hire, hiring, agency

This is what we love to do. Putting the uniform on!